WD Hall Accountants | LifePlan

Having an accountant who is just focused on your tax and compliance is like having a bus driver who is looking only at their speedometer and not actually looking out the window, watching where they’re going!

It’s true.

Direction—and the bigger picture—are crucial in your financial affairs.

At WD Hall Accountants we make sure that—in addition to doing a great job with your tax and accounting work—we also look at the big picture beyond this.

We look at your business. We look at your life. And where you’re headed.

Or rather, where you want to head. Where do you want to be in 10 years’ time?

What will your business look like? Your lifestyle? Your asset base? Your cash flow?

When things need to change

If your business is not helping you build your wealth and security for your family, something has to change.

We’ll help you make those changes and then keep you on track.

We do that through our LifePlan process. You’ll love it. We know that by the end of it you will feel a combination of excitement and relief: Excitement because you’ll see what you can achieve for your family over the next 10 years, and relief because you’ll finally have a clear path and plan to follow regarding both your business and personal finances.

The power of the LifePlan process is that we take into account your personal and business finances: they should not be considered as separate things; they need to work hand in hand.

We work out with you and then document where you want to be in 10 years time. We then map out an action plan to help you improve your financial position and reach your 10 year goals. Pragmatic. Clarifying.

It is extremely comforting to have a clear documented plan.

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