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About You

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You don’t just want a run of the mill accountant.

You want an accountant who can see beyond the numbers. Someone whose many years of experience allows them to spot things that are not apparent to less experienced accountants. Things that can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

You’re a business owner. Perhaps a tradesperson, contractor or small business owner.

You love being in business for yourself, but you also want to have a life—and less worry—with your family and loved ones when you’re not working in your business.

You work hard and want to make sure you reap the financial rewards for that effort.

That’s why you want an accountant who will not only help you minimise your tax (that goes without saying, doesn’t it?), but who acts as a sounding board for you. Someone you can call or email with a quick question, and not be charged extra for it.

Someone who takes the bigger picture into account …