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About Us

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Why worry about your tax and financial affairs when you can be supported by our ‘grey hair’ experience.

We’ve been around the block a few times. After advising business owners and property investors for over 30 years, you get very good at it.

We love what we do because we love helping people get ahead in their financial lives.

Jens Staermose, the Principal of WD Hall has a world of experience–quite literally–in accounting and financial management.

About Jens

Jens arrived in Australia in 1983. Jens has worked in Denmark, Tanzania, Egypt, Singapore and Vanuatu. Settled with his family in the Glass House Mountains and loving the lifestyle of the region, Jens enjoys nothing more than helping a client win; whether that’s helping them save tax they’ve been needlessly paying in the past, or find ways of making more money in their business, or working out smart ways of structuring their affairs to help families build and protect their wealth.

Ever since Jens, as a 6 year old, helped his parents in the family general store back in Denmark, he’s had small business and a love of numbers running through his veins. He can “smell a rat in any set of numbers” to protect his clients, long before less experienced accountants might still be working out whether things even balance.

Massive Experience

You don’t want relative novices looking after your financial affairs.

With Jens’ massive body of work and experience supporting you, along with his enthusiastic and quality-obsessed team, your financial affairs will be on a solid footing.

Wisdom isn’t something that can be taught at university. It’s not something that can be bought. It can only be earned over years of focused effort.

That’s what you benefit from when you’re a client of WD Hall.

Anyway, enough about us. What about you?